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Getting Things Done For Ward 2

As a long-time resident of Ward 2, Joe understands firsthand the challenges facing our community. After serving on city council representing Ward 2, Joe has been bringing the priorities, needs, and issues of our community to City Hall and achieve results. 

Representing the residents of Ward 2 is Joe's  number one priority and making sure Ward 2 is somewhere everyone is proud to call their home.

Let’s keep building Ward 2 together.

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Joe's Plan For The Next 4 Years

Lower Taxes

We need a City Council that is committed to lowering taxes and focusing on your priorities, not City Council pet projects. Joe has consistently voted NO to tax increases.

Better Infrastructure

Joe has kept his promise to get new roads and infrastructure built in our community. Joe will continue to advocate for needed projects to be built in our Ward 2 communities.

Parks & Recreation

Joe believes that we need more places in our community for you to enjoy recreational activities, and he's committed to working on your behalf to get new facilities.

Safe Communities

Joe has worked to fund road and pedestrian safety improvements in our Ward 2 communities. Joe will also continue to oppose any cuts to first responders.

Bringing Common Sense To City Hall

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Re-Elect Joe Magliocca

On October 18th, support Joe to be the voice of Ward 2 at City Hall.