Michelle Rempel, MP Calgary-Nose Hill
"I know Joe's fought really hard to ensure we have lower taxes and that City Council is spending money with prudence"

Pat Kelly, MP Calgary-Rocky Ridge

"We need more people like Joe on City Council to stand up for taxpayers"


Craig Summers, Arbour Lake Residents Association General Manager
"Want lower taxes? Vote for Joe! I know he is a strong voice on City Council for lowering our taxes. We cannot lose him at the table"

Zul Jamal, Small Business Owner & Evanston Resident
"Joe is a constant advocate for Small Business. I know that he has our best interests at heart and isn't afraid to speak up for us" 

Maricel McDonald, Realtor & Evanston Resident
"What I love about Joe is that he is a dad who understands the importance of community safety for our kids and he fights for it every day as the Ward 2 Councillor. Joe will always have my vote!”