Crime prevention through social and environmental design.

Federal and provincial governments may set funding and policy guidelines, but how effectively they are implemented depends on the City of Saskatoon. City Council, community resource (social services) and community associations need to coordinate crime prevention strategies including Crime Prevention through Social Design Programs and Environmental Design.

These already exist with Community Policing, transportation, housing, leisure and recreation, city planning, economic investment and public health.

Responding to situations associated with crime and the fear of crime by identifying the root causes, and treating those problems, not treating the symptoms like repeat break and enters.

Creating more sports facilities with activities for children and at risk youth to prevent them from getting involved in criminal activity and provide training.

Ensuring treatment centers like Larson House or Interval House are meeting the demand of those in need (Larson House turned down over 1519 requests for service in one year because they were at capacity. They had 101 admissions in August for a total of 97% occupancy; 87admissions in September for 99% occupancy, all with a maximum of a seven-day stay.)