The challenges are for a greater understanding about both communities in order to co-exist in a more beneficial way for all citizens. There are many misunderstandings; myths, innuendoes, rumors and incomplete information that continue to circulate in Saskatchewan that needs to be addressed.

I propose the following combination of a number of factors including: the will to work together; respect; moving ahead on common ground; education, education, education; and diligence.

Keep in mind these points:
a. Respect from anyone is earned - you cannot demand it.
b. Focus should be to increase education about all groups, and continued communication amongst all the stakeholders, not just political leaders.
c. Must include Asian and other visible minorities, and all citizens must be versed in how our nation was settled.
d. Aboriginal liaison exists within the Police Service and should be available to provide in service workshops to all departments of Municipal Government and then extend those services to the private sector to continue including all citizens - starting with students.

The urgency must come from within and it will when an informed public understands the facts. Everyone must take steps to help themselves in the process recognizing the common goal of stronger relationships in Saskatoon. This will lead to more partnerships established in the community for business and programming.