Lower Taxes

Fiscal responsibility is a top priority for Joe in every decision he makes at City Council. While there are many ideas and projects that are “nice to have”, Joe believes in focusing on “needs” as a city, as well as on projects that are within the jurisdiction of the City of Calgary.

Joe has a strong track record of voting against new spending that would increase the operating budget of the City of Calgary. His track record also includes votes against the “pet projects” of City Councillors, such as sending $25,000 of your tax dollars to Haiti. By continuing to be a vocal champion for wise spending at City Hall, Joe believes that his efforts will lead to reduced taxes.

Joe kept his 2013 election promise when he voted to return $52 Million to taxpayers, a decision that helped to reduce taxes in 2014. He also voted this May to return $23.7 Million back to taxpayers – a decision that helped to reduce this year’s tax bill. Additionally, Joe voted for a property tax freeze in 2016 and 2017, and he has introduced a motion to lower property taxes in 2018.

Many residents and businesses are struggling in the current economic downturn while also being burdened by increasing provincial and federal taxes. The last thing Calgarians need are more tax increases at the municipal level. By keeping spending in check and taxes low, Joe believes that Calgary City Council can help Calgarians recover from the economic downturn. Joe commits to continuing to be a fiscal conservative on City Council and he promises to: