The wording of the question is indicative of a lack of dialogue and accurate information being shared between the City of Saskatoon and Montgomery residents.

Other residents in the ward have expressed similar concerns as we await changes in traffic patterns.

I live on Vancouver Avenue South backing Circle Drive and 22nd Street and our present sound attenuation consists of the Manchurian Elm.

The time for input is now and it needs to be presented to the city planners before they design the plan so they work within the parameters established by the residents (within reason).

The idea that a plan or design will be presented for us to choose from and make recommendations to is a tad autocratic. It is far more progressive and constructive when concerns are addressed initially, rather than building a structure that is not sensitive to the needs of the people. (Example: Circle Drive Southbound to Eastbound access, 20th Street access for Emergency vehicles only).

I would ensure that not only the Community Association leaders are aware of planning meetings, but also every household would have input along with follow-up consultation for households with no response.

Historically, Montgomery residents are known to have an active neighborhood and participate in processes offered.

It is important to stress that the city reached its bridge capacity in 1999 and the need to work together to show support for this bridge is crucial to enable growth to the South and West of the City, lest a North crossing be perceived as more desirous or welcome.

They are both needed projects, and if they cannot be constructed together, I favor the South Bridge first.