I would prefer that the question be changed to -

"How would you ensure that green space be expanded and enhanced by the City Planning Department, Parks and Recreation Department."

I have had a fair bit of experience with areas of concern getting “looked at” and not much else getting done because that’s what was initially requested.

Currently, based on formula, Montgomery is deficient by .46 hectares and is 15th out of 16 on the list in terms of priorities for park space and enhancements.

Montgomery has 6.16 hectares of Neighborhood Park space currently, compared to Nutana’s 1.53 hectares existing park space. Nutana is presently deficient by 10.19 hectares.

As a Councillor, I would certainly advance the construction of park space when the opportunity presents itself to acquire or develop an area here or elsewhere ahead of schedule.

The concern has been raised in other established areas and if we cannot compare to new or young neighborhood parks, we need to look at other options that could be constructed or configured to compliment the area. Montgomery at the moment has no land opportunities available and the City will not convert residential land. I believe that any park in the City be equal in terms of equipment.

Would park space on the East end of the new development in West Montgomery meet your needs? What about north of 11th Street?