Safe & Vibrant Communities

Crime rates in Ward 2 communities are among the lowest in Calgary and Joe wants to keep it that way. He has worked hard to increase the police presence in Ward 2 communities in order to prevent crime and to keep our streets safe. To help make our streets even safer, Joe has also advocated for and implemented new enhanced crosswalks, reflective sleeves and new RRFB (Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon) lights.

As a father, Joe is always concerned about the safety of kids, which is why he introduced two motions to require school buses to turn on their flashing lights when picking up and dropping off children. He also believes that an effective crime reduction measure is to provide young Calgarians with recreational activities. To this end, he has worked with developers to build numerous new playgrounds and to improve established parks and playgrounds throughout our communities. Joe is also very excited about the soon to be opened “Shane Homes Recreation Centre” in Rocky Ridge, which will serve all of Northwest Calgary by providing world class recreational opportunities and activities.

Educational opportunities in our communities is very important to Joe, which is why he helped ensure that land was purchased near the Sage Hill Wal-Mart for a future library that will serve the new communities in Ward 2. Joe was also pleased to open a new “starter” library in Sage Hill that will operate until the new full service library is built.

Joe’s vision for Ward 2 is one where all residents, regardless of their background, feel at home and connected to their community. It’s also a vision of being safe in our homes, streets and neighborhoods. Joe would like to advance this vision in the following ways: