Joe Magliocca is an educated business owner. Joe has received his Certificate of Completion in Business Administration from Seneca College in Brampton, Ontario. Joe has also completed training in the aerospace industry relating to Runway, Apron, Taxiway Maintenance and Canadian Aerodrome Safety.

His work includes time as the owner of Calgary City Mix (a widely successful cement company) which he recently sold. Joe is also the owner of Lexor Group where his company was responsible for airport runways, markings, signage and surfacing maintenance amongst hundreds of airports across Canada and the USA.

Joe Magliocca has been very involved in our community and he lives in our Ward. Some candidates do not. Joe Magliocca is the former President of the Hamptons Homeowners & Community Association which included traffic calming and landscaping. Joe also attended the Presidents meetings of all communities in Ward 2 to find out and address issues in the entire Ward. Joe was also a Municipal Committee member of the Progressive Group for Independent Business - PGIB (Calgary’s largest business and taxpayer organization). Joe Magliocca is also a supporter of various local charities.

Joe has received formal training from the Canadian Leadership Institute, an organization which has trained Canadian Members Of Parliament, very successful entrepreneurs and political activists from throughout Canada.

Recently, Joe has been very active in Calgary with the PGIB in an effort to find more efficiencies at City hall. Joe has also been supporting Veterans of Canada (an organization that supports Calgary and Canada’s active and inactive military, Emergency workers and Police officers).

Currently, Joe is a Charter Sales Executive for the Western region for Sky Service Business Aviation and is responsible for transportation needs of executives and sports teams throughout North America.

Joe Magliocca is 48 years of age and resides in Calgary, Alberta. Joe is married to Carol and they have 2 Children - Melissa (18) and Amanda (15). They also have a dog named Cach.

Joe Magliocca is seeking to be an elected Councillor representing Ward 2 and running the corporation called the City of Calgary. Having someone that has met payroll and is experienced in budgets and personnel management is exactly what Calgary needs.

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