New Recreation Facility Planned for Calgary - Rocky Ridge / Royal Oak

The City of Calgary recently announced plans for a new proposed Recreation Facility for Rocky Ridge and Royal Oak. This plan moves the City of Calgary towards achieving the goal of having 100 per cent of Calgarians report they have convenient access to indoor recreation facilities within their area of the city.

Click the following link for more information:
Proposed Recreation Facility for Rocky Ridge and Royal Oak in Calgary

The City of Calgary Is A Safe And Welcoming Community

Crime prevention and a safe community will always be a priority.

The City of Calgary has an excellent Police Service and I look forward to working with the CPS to continue to make Calgary safe to live, work, play and raise a family.

  • I place a high regard on family values and quality of life.
  • Manage and prepare for sustainable growth.
  • Provide value for your tax dollars.
  • Nurture a vibrant, safe and inviting community.
  • Provide strong leadership with credibility.