Joe Magliocca, Ward 2 Calgary

Dear Ward 2 Residents & Business Owners,

Welcome to my website.

My name is Joe Magliocca and I want to be your City Council member for Ward 2 and am seeking election in the upcoming October, 2013 Civic Election.

You might recall, I ran last election against Gord Lowe and finished a close second. It was a very close race and I received 8,210 votes. In the last election I was applying for a job and I am once again. I understand very clearly that you are my employer and during this interview process you need to know my intentions, credentials and what I feel is important to our area.

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I am a proud Calgarian and moved here several years ago, like many of you because of the what Calgary and Alberta offers and represents. I have run successful businesses managed budgets and managed employees, I have become increasingly disillusioned with how City Hall treats Calgarians as an ATM machine. I am very concerned at how our city council is poorly managing the Corporation called the City of Calgary. I am married to Carol and have two teenage girls and like your family our family live within our means.

My reputation is that of a person committed to making Calgary a better place to live, work and raise a family. Through improved planning, better management of our hard earned tax dollars and some win-win solutions to the long term problem that we call traffic, this is achievable. My job is to be your representative to City Hall, not the other way around.

I realize that I am applying for a job and you want to know as much about me as possible. So Look at my bio and my platform.

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Also, it is no secret; how a candidate operates their campaign is exactly how they will serve their constituents. I believe that open dialogue is critical and asking questions is key. I have proven this since I started this campaign.

Whether it be debates on traffic, transit or taxes… I will represent you first. I have been listening with my team at the doors, on the phones and via your mail in comments. That is how I have run my campaign and that is how I will work for you.


  1. My office will return all calls to the City Hall office for my Ward in a prompt manner.
  2. My Office will promptly return all e-mails to the City Hall office for my Ward.
  3. I will not vote on major issues without consulting the Ward.
  4. I will have monthly meetings in the ward to gauge your views.
  5. I will door-knock the doors of my constituents throughout the term and not just at election time.

Please look around the website and if you have further concerns or are in need of clarification please call me at 403-888-8883 or email me at [email protected]

Joe Magliocca

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