Road Snow Removal

The City of Calgary must make a better action plan in regards to snow removal. With the number of residents increasing, so is the demand to be able to commute safely and effectively around our city.

Snow removal requires a proper and timely response. It must begin when storms are predicted, to the onset of snow, and when it develops into a full winter storm. Appropriate crews should be dispatched, from sand trucks to plows. Plow operators and support staff should work continuously on rotating shifts as long as necessary. Let’s bring in local contractors to help clear snow as needed.

As being a member on the Hamptons Board, we have asked numerous times for snow fences. Our current Alderman in Ward 2 refused every time we asked when we were able to get a hold of him.

Snow routes should be implemented on major roadways that require clearing first. When a Snow Storm Emergency is declared, residents on these major roadways would have 12 hours to move their vehicles before being towed. Tag and Tow would be coordinated with plows.

Having E- Alerts and Text Alerts in real time to update city residents of the snowfall situation and plowing operation would help coordinate a community effort to improve safety.

Let’s Keep Our Residents Informed!”

By reducing hazards on Calgary roadways and sidewalks, it will help support our Emergency Services by giving them a clear roadway to travel. Keeping them safe and Mobil keeps us all SAFE!

Lets learn from the Emergency disaster in Citadel, and not have this happen to any other communities in Ward 2 or in Calgary!

Let’s not repeat the 2009 Citadel disaster! Click here to view article.