Fitness is a commitment to recognising and celebrating success. Our Ward 2 resident’s journey on improvement to health and fitness will help achieve results and change ways of self-motivation. In order to help build regular activity to each and every resident we need a positive change to our  Recreation Centers. Ward 2 needs more recreations centers to help promote a positive change in the community. With large expansion to the ward and numerous new residents moving into the newer areas of Ward 2 we need to add much needed Recreation Centers. By utilizing second party businesses to fund the construction and maintenance of these buildings, the public would benefit in the achievement of an atmosphere of energy and enthusiasm.

With the addition of a new Recreation Center in Ward 2 , our residents would have access to sport facilities such as: hockey rinks, basketball courts, soccer fields, squash courts, climbing walls, martial arts studios, multi-purpose rooms, pools, exercise equipment and rooms, all at an affordable price.

Lets use this fabulous opportunity to utilize our extra space in Ward 2 to support our commitment and determination to all our health and welfare for all our Ward 2 residents.