Biagio ‘Joe’ Magliocca and his family have been proud residents in Ward 2 for 11 years. He knows how difficult it is  for Ward 2 residents to get their voices heard. Now it is time for a change Biagio wants to make sure that all of our voices are heard.

Biagio’s family consists of his wife Carol, and his two daughters, Melissa and Amanda. Biagio is well known for determination and accountability. By utilizing a supportive advisory board with a wide variety of experience such as engineers, architects, planning, transit planning and transportation. Working together in a positive manor is the most effective and supportive relationship. He lends practical experience and insight to various boards throughout Calgary. Biagio uses his experience from being an owner/operator of  a consulting business in Calgary, to understand the diverse and pressing economic issues.  Biagio looks forward to being YOUR VOICE  in City Hall, and being accessible to  you  here in Ward 2.