All employees at the City of Calgary should be accountable for their actions, and all of City Council should be accountable for their decisions and their actions. If anyone is found acting fraudulent or not in the best interest of the City or its residents, they need to be held accountable for their decisions and their actions.

Biagio “Joe” Magliocca will be accountable to all Ward 2 residents, by having his office right here in Ward 2. You will be able to directly see and speak to Biagio! By having a LOCAL ward office, Biagio will be accessible and able to talk directly with you. You will be able to drop by his local ward office and express your concerns to him in person, person to person. Biagio wants to be your voice at City Hall and the best way to be able to do that is to be able to interact with Ward 2 residents directly. His commitment to residents include being present at community events and community meetings. Being accessible and available is Biagio’s top priority. Being held responsible is his largest passion.

Calgary Residents should be included on decisions through plebiscites. Calgarian’s should have a say, for instance, on the 25 million dollar ‘Peace Bridge’. Do Calgarian’s really want this bridge that is built in a foreign country, not by Calgarian’s or even Canadians? Not one piece of steel is from Canada.  Why was the public not asked for their opinion? After all, it is Calgarians’ tax money paying for this unwanted bridge.
Click Here to see Calgary Herald Article from August 3, 2021

Our present City Council has awarded contracts without tender. This is unacceptable and should not be tolerated! The present City Council should be held accountable even if they are not re-elected. Residents are all working hard to pay taxes and current City Council is playing games with our hard earned money! Calgary needs to be run like a business, not a free for all where no one knows who gets contracts!


Lets take a stand on October 18, 2010. Lets elect a new City Council with fresh ideas. I promise to be Your Voice at City Hall, and I promise to be ACCOUNTABLE.  We all work hard for our money - let’s have City Council spend it wisely and efficiently!