Calgary’s infrastructure needs to be improved to make accessibility to local Calgary streets and businesses easier. Management of ongoing construction and new construction needs to be practical and efficient.

Project development needs to be developed with a large and growing city in mind. Calgary continues to thrive and grow; so must the management of our roads and bridges. Growth must be practical to the utilization of existing infrastructure, and future maintenance and improvements must be efficient.

Thought must be given to needs and practicability of projects and improvements. Costs must be diligently considered when considering improvements.

The plans for improving access for both entrances and exits along the new Stony Trail must be revisited. Ward 2 residents deserve an easier way to access their own community. Having to do an illegal U-turn to access southbound Shaganappi should not  have to be concerned. Nor having to go several kilometers out of your way just to get home.

Working closely with both the Provincial and Federal Governments is essential to maintaining strong relations and keeping the flow of infrastructure  running properly.