Calgary Transit

Calgary Public Transportation needs encouragement!  In these modern times, Calgary Transit must be updated with user and eco-friendly technology to encourage the public to use transit and keep our city clean and green.

Implementing practical options for Transit riders is essential. I believe we need fresh ideas to develop practical solutions. Lets get rid of pay for parking for monthly pass holders, lets keep the fee for out of town communities, so public transit will stay beneficial for Calgary residents.
By integrating and utilizing the latest technologies available to Transit users, Calgary should be at the top of the Canadian Transit list. With the use of LED lights, solar panels to store energy, WiFi for riders, and up-to-the-minute information… let’s make Calgary Transit EASY!

Convenience is want riders want!

By adding a GPS on each bus or train, riders would be continually up to date on the arrival of the next bus or train, in real-time. This would also compliment a free E-Alert or Text Alert system to keep riders up-to-date on disruptions and advisories.

Adding WiFi to buses and trains adds convenience the public wants. By being able to access your e-mail or browse the web while riding the transit to work or school is very appealing to riders of all ages.

By increasing the frequency throughout the  North West to both Beacon Hill Shopping Center and Creekside Shopping Center, this will help the customers; employees and business owners get to and from these shopping centers. Also need is an express bus to and from the airport to make travel for travelers and employees a more affordable to commute.  Transit needs to be more available to these areas for both the environment and for business owners to provide their employees easier access to jobs.

These integrated technologies are easy to tie together. These changes are at NO COST…. These changes will put money back in the city budget.