Click here to read Joe Magliocca's full Platform (Adobe Reader is required)

Click the image above to read Joe Magliocca’s full Platform (Adobe Reader is required)

Joe proposes applying long-term thinking to the decisions that we make now so that Calgary can continue to embrace today’s opportunities while building a strong and prosperous future.

Calgary will have a leadership that actively and respectfully engages its citizens as a matter of priority, so that as citizens we can make important contributions to how our City is run, now, and for the future.

Joe proposes a new era of transparency at City Hall, and on City Council, so that citizens are empowered with the right information that they need to remain aware and hold their officials to account.

Joe outlines a new direction for infrastructure management in Calgary so that our city can adequately support healthy, safe and prosperous communities for generations to come.

Joe will keep Calgary’s economy strong, and work with other levels of government to secure an enduring growth that attracts the best business opportunities and talent to our City, and retains them.

Joe proposes a logical and clear direction for advancing Calgary’s revitalization project to create a vibrant, sustainable and safe community.

Calgary will be known as one of the safest cities in Canada where our most vulnerable residents have access to better opportunities and to a higher quality of life.

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