Survey Results
The results for the detailed survey conducted by Joe Magliocca are seen in the graph below and as follows:

The Top 9 results to my survey where results were captured by email, doors, phones, internet, social media and even snail mail are as follows and shown in the graph above. Taxation / 52 million: 24.84% - Traffic: 22.98% - Leadership & Accountability: 18.60% - Transit: 11.16% - Small Business: 8.97% - Services: 6.55% - Police / Crime: 3.50% - Development / Green Space: 2.71% - Community Issues: 0.70%

As promised in my second piece of literature that has been distributed to your home (to view, please click here) I discussed unveiling my campaign platform called Calgary After The Flood. To view my solutions, please CLICK HERE.

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