This is Joe Magliocca

Joe Magliocca

Hello, My Name is Joe!

Councillor Joe Magliocca was elected to Calgary City Council representing Ward 2 in October 2013 and re-elected in October 2017. The communities in Ward 2 include Arbour Lake, Citadel, Evanston, Hamptons, Hawkwood, Kincora, Nolan Hill, Ranchlands, Sage Hill and Sherwood.

Joe is married to his wife Carol, and they have two daughters. Living in the Hamptons since 1999, the family’s strong community ties have given him a personal connection to the community. Prior to being elected to Calgary City Council, Joe served his community as the president of the Hamptons Community Association.

Joe has had significant experience in the private sector where he owned and operated numerous small businesses in the construction and airline industry. This private sector experience has given Joe a strong understanding of the importance of having a business-friendly environment in Calgary, meaning low taxes, minimal red tape and good infrastructure. 

Since joining City Council in 2013, Joe has been a strong advocate for all communities in Ward 2 including fighting for better transportation infrastructure, public transit, parks, recreational opportunities and efficient and effective community services. Joe also has a consistent record of fighting for lower property taxes and service fees. Joe believes that by running a more efficient government, Calgarians can have both better services and lower taxes.

Re-Elect Joe Magliocca

On October 18th, stand with me to fight for the voice of Ward 2 at City Hall. 

Fighting for Ward 2