Tourism's best opportunities lie in supporting existing events and festivals, while taking an active role in helping establish new ones. While I can appreciate the risk of supporting a new festival, I do not know of a festival with a committee that plans to fail. They need your support and Tourism needs more events.

Assisting in the planning of attracting sporting events (Nokia Brier, Vanier Cup) and actively participating in the bid process weighs heavily on judges decisions. Supporting attractions such as the plans for the Chinese Gate in Riversdale help create excitement. Your participation in promoting areas like the riverbank parks is vital to visitors from all over the world. There are some people who do not live in areas with four distinct seasons who enjoy our climate and want to see fall colors, migrating birds and our Municipal & Provincial Parks. We have the history nearby of The Heart of the Old Northwest and Riel Rebllion. We have a volunteer sector that is the envy of other major cities and can produce the results we need for return visits.