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Norland Community Hall

Written by Hilda Chynoweth August 25, 2021

The Hall was a Foresters Hall prior to the 1900's, not sure what year it was built by them. My father was a Forester, but we never heard any thing about it, not sure when the Foresters disband their club in Norland.

The first I remember about the hall it was used by the LeCraw Bro's as a feed hall for storing the grains bought by the farmers in the area. When the LeCraw Bro's stopped selling feed it sat idol for some years. I remember during times during those years when the basement did flood and when the water froze the boys would use that as a skating rink. The upstairs was used as a play area for the boys; they had tunnels under the old stage that was in the hall then.

In either 1947 or 48 the hall was taken over by a group, the community club. The basement was in very bad shape when we took it over, but by putting on dances and plays we raised money to put a new floor in the basement and did other repairs as needed at that time. (I was a member of the community club so I know how we worked to get the repairs done). In the late 1950's or early 1960's the Community Club broke up, not sure just what happened there, guess some just lost interest.

The hall was empty for a while and then the Council took over the running and up keep of the hall. The old stage was ripped out and the present one installed along with the wash rooms and little kitchen. It was used then for dances and shows. When the Seniors Club was formed they rented the hall for their meetings, along with any other clubs that needed a place to meet. The school used the hall as a gym before the school moved to Coboconk.


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